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The awkward reality of being an introvert

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU " my mom exclaimed. Are you depressed, are you upset? ", she continued. I told her nothing, because in fact, nothing was wrong. I was just in my head as usual. The truth was that I just didn't have anything to say. I can't tell you how many times people ask me what's wrong , only to be disappointed when I say nothing. It's come to a point where I feel I have to explain my behavior upfront to people just so they don't get offended by my demeanor and it sucks. I feel the more I explain, the more no one gets it; not everyone is going to understand how I am and that's fine. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are covered in labels, and I am not talking about designer items. Some of the most common labels are race, gender, and sexuality, but that has quickly changed through the years. It's like every time I turn around, society has come up with a new label, and it is exhausting. We have all been victims of labels; there is no escaping it. I have been labeled many things in my life, but one of the few things I agree with is being an introvert. So what is an introvert? Well, according to the internet, an introvert is a shy person who tends to keep their thoughts to themselves. I don't consider myself shy. I just like being by myself, and that tends to throw people off. I think introverts are a misunderstood bunch, quickly slapped with the quiet, rude, or stuck-up labels, when in reality, we just like being to ourselves. What people don't realize is that there is power in being an introvert. Introverts are observant,listeners,

think before we speak, self-reflect, and can pick up on body language. Introverts are pretty cool beings. I love being an introvert. It has its perks, but to be honest, it can also make things extremely awkward.

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