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The end of the year is approaching.. a friendly reminder

This time of the year people are usually scrambling to finish Christmas shopping and preparing for the New Year. During this special time of year I usually scramble to use all of my paid time off. I will be honest, I use to not to use all of my pto because I just wanted to work and I would think it would increase my chances of getting promoted. I bet some of you think the same way and I just have one thing to say.... Give it a break! are you really up for that promotion or is your manager just telling you lies to get you to work harder? There is nothing wrong with working hard, but there's also nothing wrong with taking a break. People tend to fall into the trap of overworking and ending up having nothing to show for it, so I am telling you..just use your time off. You are not proving anything to anyone.

Take the cape off and enjoy the holidays!

-The awkward introvert

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